Cooking with Lou: How to cook CLAMS!

Join Lou as she discusses her passion for cooking traditional, simple recipes and explores how easy it is to cook manila clams. We want you to get to know us beyond challenges and pranks. See what drives us as we explore our talents. Feel free to comment any recipes you want Lou to post. We hope you all enjoy… ESPECIALLY THE FOODIES!


Ingredients –

Feeds 4 to 5

6lbs of Manila Clams
1 inch water in pot (To steam)
1 Bristle Brush (To clean)
Half Stick of Butter
Green Onion (1 stalk)
Garlic (4 cloves)
Parsley ( handful)
Half of a small haberno

-Thoroughly clean all of the clams. Do this by rinsing them in cold water.
-Take each individual clam and brush the front and back, and along the mouth.
-Discard any open or cracked clams.
-Repeat and and rinse all the clams with water until the water starts to run clear.
– Add 1 inch of water to a pot big enough to hold all of your clams.
– Once the water comes to a rolling boil, add clams creating one layer. DON’T over crowd the pot.
– Cover the pot and keep a close eye for clams that have popped open already.
– Once you see some open, use tongs to place newly opened clams in a bowl.
– Once your first batch has cooked. Add the next. Do this process until all cooked clams are in the bowl. Your cooking liquid should still be in your pot.
– Add butter
– Add seasonings to your cooking liquid ( I.e scallions garlic hot peppers)
– Let all ingredients together in the pot for about a minute
– Lastly, add all of your cooked clams back to the pot. Gently stir. And turn heat off.
– Serve immediately

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