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There’s a lot on sale today, and your loyal Commerce Team is here to deliver the goods. Whether you’re prepping for a spooky Halloween party or the even scarier thought of family visiting for the holidays, here are a few pieces of equipment we think will make any type of gathering more manageable.

20% Off Our Favorite Slicing Knife

Look like a pro on Thanksgiving by carving your turkey with the TUO Slicing Knife, the top pick after numerous rounds of testing. Its extra thin and long blade will slide right through those large holiday roasts with ease and it’s 20% off at checkout. Note: This is an Amazon lightning deal, so grab one while you can.

20% Off the Instant Pot

If you haven’t already picked up an Instant Pot for yourself, now’s a good time. While it goes on sale pretty often, this is a great price ($80!). As the weather gets cooler, you’ll be happy you have the pressure-cooking function for comforting soups and stews.

44% Off 10-Inch Lodge Cast Iron Pan

A good cast iron pan will let you enjoy an abundance of sweet and savory recipes. Some of our favorites? Stella’s chocolate skillet cake, Kenji’s classic pan-roasted chicken, and these 17 delicious dishes. Lodge, our go-to brand for cast iron, is selling their 10-inch skillet for under $15 today.

46% Off an Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Cold mornings call for hot coffee. For the best and fastest pourover coffee, use this electric gooseneck kettle, which will elegantly and evenly pour water over the (hopefully freshly pulverized) grounds of your choosing.

34% Off Our Favorite Mid-Priced Western Chef’s Knife

One of the more affordable options among the German-style knives we tested in our chef’s knife review, the Mercer Genesis chef’s knife delivers good bang for the buck (especially today since it’s 34% off). Daniel describes this knife as a good starter blade or a good backup knife to keep on hand for friends (and spouses), which we think will come in handy during the holiday season when there are a few too many cooks in the kitchen.

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